C3 reacts to now Golden State Warrior Jordan Bell! S/o ReBorn HD Highlights for the video!

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  1. JUST A REMINDER: I enjoyed creating this video. On the road to 900 Subscribers in 1.5 months only. I appreciate you all 🙂

  2. his defense and rebounding are even better than his offense . . you only showed one block … research and show more video regarding his shot-blocking and rebounding and add that to this video.

  3. you right…no one really knows about Bell…but after seeing your video, man this is a steal for GSW. Defensively, they just got stronger. Cleveland? Who? Oh, that team. They can load up with as many superstars they can find, but it won't mean a thing. The Bell will be ringing in their ears and not to mention seeing all their shots swatted up to the balconies.

  4. I hope you start doing Warriors game highlights during the season. You keep it lit as fuck

  5. curry and klay and even draymond and kd can shoot 3's, kd and bell dunking on everyone and bell and draymond keeping defence on a big fat lock. they can alreadfy make them rings. *fire emojii'

  6. lonzo ball might be the most talked about person in the draft but jordan bell will have a ring first

  7. imagine if he gets minutes and is on the court with green at the same time. you could run bell, green, klay, Liv, mcaw /Clark to start second quarters. lmfao that's a fuckin crazy second string with some starting help. and if iggy comes back the options are almost endless.

  8. prepare to rename the Smash Brothers to the Swat Brothers Green and Bell going to make this Swat city

  9. the dubs know how to pick in the draft…. Curry, Thompson, Green, H Barnes, Ezili, McCaw and now Bell……. Damn….

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