Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights Game 1 May 2 2017 2017 NBA Playoffs

Mybad yall with the aspect ratio! My league pass had this TNT Overtime bar at the top of the screen so I cropped it. The rest of the games I will record form my tv.





29 thoughts on “Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights Game 1 May 2 2017 2017 NBA Playoffs

  1. Coming from a cavs fan I love your videos. You commentate very well. Anyways another nice video!

  2. I'm OK with Mike Brown as a temp coach. But he does lack being able to disciple his players, as shown so far.
    Steph shouldn't be able to come back into a game where we are dominating, or any game for that matter, especially when it has to do with his ankle.

  3. Yo AA, i hear people say draymond flopped after gobert shove him. what do you think? Great video btw!

  4. you should really make a video on kawhi. i dont think he gets the praise for the little things he does and thats why i think he should be the mvp but id like to see ur thoughts on him

  5. People want AA to make a little change, paypal him a buck. Even once a month, if everyone did…..

  6. but fr- Dray has been looking better game after game this postseason. excellent game1 w utah trying to slow pace(93 possessions). adjustments on defense, and a great game by DWest and 2nd unit. 3s not really dropping, no problem. mettle been being shown so far.

  7. baahahahaahha some sort of generic john cena and a plastic toy !! hahahaha sh*t!! hahahahaha

  8. As a jazz fan this is hard to watch.. but yall can't be saying Gobert is dirty for shoving. this is playoff basketball. things get physical, as long as they're not tryna hurt each other I'm fine with it.

  9. "we", are you fucking retarted, you are not a member of the 13 players on the court on the floor. How can you say "we", say "warriors", and why do you only watch warriors highlights?

  10. Hall of fame comment by Alchemy
    "Steph sitting next to generic John Cena and some sort of plastic Toy"

  11. Saying that KD "slithered" to the rim… may not have been the best word to use lol.

    Or maybe it was, depending on how you roll.

  12. Damn its been WAY too long since your last video. I actually missed the entire first half of this game cuz of work. But I saw the second half! I think it will take Utah 2 games to really get into this series. I expect them to win at least 1 game in their own house. Even though it didnt seem like much, Im a bit concerned with Curry's health. He came down awkwardly and the last thing we need is for him to not be 100% again.

  13. I love these videos and I love the Warriors. I remember the 80's and 90's old days. I wish Warrior fans weren't so cocky and smug now. This run is about redemption. We were up 3-1 in the finals. Let's not forget.

  14. If you're going to do voice overs on gameplay, you may want to remove the announcers sound. It kinda feels redundant and a waste to have two people announcing at one. :/

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