Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights April 10 2017 2016 17 NBA Season

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37 thoughts on “Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights April 10 2017 2016 17 NBA Season

  1. Why do basketball players wear Panty hose on their legs these days?? I notice its the black players that wear them . Well then again how often do you see a white player in the NBA?

  2. Durant played 32 minutes that game. All GS starters played, minus Thompson. Jazz without their All Star Gordon Hayward. They Win at Golden State by 6. #TakeNote

  3. The Warriors are the closest to white an NBA team with championship potential can get and that's why there are tons of excuses from the zombies when the lose. But, when the all super black team Cavs lose, then we hear all kinds of Lebrick, Leflop, LeEverything. White supremacy is a sick religion.

  4. they weren't playing their says every warrior fan ever bruhhh like trying to get a 15 winning streak to end the season for the warriors was nothing to the them

  5. remember when they went 67-15 a couple years ago? something tells me Iguodala is gonna have a big post season

  6. Cavs lose and the world goes nuts (without lebron kyrie and Thompson btw) but when the warriors lose its "oh they weren't trying" or "or oh they don't even need to win" or even "oh they took starters out in the 4th" like no the game was close the other 3 quarters as well guys.

  7. lol at "maybe they didn't want a 16 game win streak going into the playoffs. its never been done!"

    the spurs had a 20 game winning streak going into the 2012 playoffs and lost in the first round. its been better than done and still doesn't mean shit.

  8. If there was any team throughout this streak that was going to beat the Warriors, I'm not surprised it's Utah. Very underrated team and their defense is elite. They couldn't stop Steph but they could stop everyone else. Of course, I'm sure Klay not playing and KD being a bit rusty had something to do with it.

  9. All y'all are dumb still tight over the 3-1 lead bullshit. Why u Guys down 3-1 in the start. Hop off the warriors dick cause they weren't playing for real this game if u could even tell. Like deadass they are already #1 and they don't can't beat last years record so it doesn't matter. And for all u cavs assholes out there what's happening to u niggas. Fucking blowing 26 and 14 point leads to the Miami and hawks …hawks twice actually. LeFlop couldn't carry I guess woops. U niggas keep talking while the warriors take the finals and blow the cavs out 4-0. I mean u guys did lose by 35 on the Christmas Day game so I don't expect much. Good luck you'll need it

  10. Love them or hate them the warriors are quietly going about their business and are very likely to make it to another finals

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