Thunder vs Warriors: Game 7 – 5.30.16 Full Highlights- INSTANT CLASSIC

The Golden State Warriors top the Oklahoma City Thunder to become only the 10th team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 series deficit. The Warriors will face the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

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29 thoughts on “Thunder vs Warriors: Game 7 – 5.30.16 Full Highlights- INSTANT CLASSIC

  1. durant could've easily won a ring if they beat the warriors… they were a much more dynamic team than the Cavs.

  2. This was okc's chance for glory. 3rd conference final, but they were young previously and not veteran. Solid all around. So, kds departure was a cruel blow, but okc fans still took the low road. That's sports

  3. Okc's team was pretty stacked.
    Westbrook (still there)
    Durant (GSW)
    Ibaka (TOR)

    They were a serious threat to dethroning GSW. More importantly with all these studs gone OKC won 50 games. That's why WestBeast is MVP

  4. so obvious durant wanted to loose this game even more than the 3 game before this one , tchating with GS ince mid season, watched the all serie live and even i had this feeling something was not right with KD, more i re wached more i relived it and confirm that feeling, some big possesion here and there he obiously throw away, rigged nba rigged by player now. great.

  5. To all those people who says that Steph may be great but can't shoot in the finals. You are STUPID.. Of course, those teams are SCARED of steph because he's good that's why he's HEAVILY GUARDED. Please use your brain to analyze the situation and not just blabber without proof DUMBASS.

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