Stephen Curry Career Crossover and Handles Highlights


33 thoughts on “Stephen Curry Career Crossover and Handles Highlights

  1. Curry makes it look effortless when in fact it isn't at all to be able to have the strengh and strong core to do what he does

  2. Nobody in the nba makes the crowd go ooh and aah like steph. Home and away. The ones away are just disrespectful to the home team. Damn chef, you need to love your nba brethren

  3. But they say Curry only can shoot 3's….smh. It kills me cause his 3 was off most of the finals and the last game he drove multiple times right at Lebron. But he is supposed to be scared somehow…

  4. Kyrie's handles are definitely prettier to watch because they're tighter and more fundamental. But Curry might have the edge because he does a lot more uncanny dribbles like double behind the back half spins (e.g. 5:05 to 5:13), and his dribbling shows us he's not premeditating what moves he'll make, it's almost like he does these moves. But they're not by accident, they're just instincts

  5. The only dude in the league you have to fear once he comes over the half line(double team him or get killed), he is no joke, must see tv

  6. curry is the reason why i started basketball, now im the best in my school averaging 25.8ppg

  7. At the beginning of the video Curry putting Durant on skates just isn't right. lol Now they're basket legends together. Sweet

  8. why on earth is there a 5 time replay of jordan clarkson tripping? how is that a curry highlight?

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