Russell Westbrook Full Highlights 2016 WCF Game 1 at Warriors – 27 Pts, 12 Assists, 7 Steals!


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45 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook Full Highlights 2016 WCF Game 1 at Warriors – 27 Pts, 12 Assists, 7 Steals!

  1. kd made a bad decision, shoulda stayed, Westbrook just too cold i mean 7 steals against this team like cmon lol and how could anyone say this guy shouldn't get mvp, this guy is breaking the game

  2. I would've loved to see a OKC Thunder vs Cleveland Cavaliers match up in the finals. To bad OKC blew it. Still, this series was super fun to watch, especially Westbrook, he was a complete beast.

  3. I'm not is sayin this because kd left but I honestly think wb accepts bein the man on this team more than kd did he try's so hard to elevate his team sometimes he makes mistakes but he gives his all eveynight

  4. I don't care if my boy Russ gets he ankle broken and for all of the Golden State Waioirs Stpeh curry is the worst player in NBA

  5. I think the biggest debate of the 15-16 season was who's better between curry and Russ but I honestly think Steph can't match up with him

  6. Westbrook should have got mvp. what is steph without his shot? what has he really done all season besides shoot? he damn sure ain't being a pg with 6 ast. per game theres niggas on the bench like jamal crawford who avg. that. Russ had 21 trip-dubs this season like c'mon bro.

  7. Westbrook's shot is so much better when he doesn't lean forward and lets his feet glide a bit in front of him. When his jumpers went in during the second half they were so pretty

  8. To be the best player you have to do it on both sides….Curry defense is suspect to the fact Klay has to guard Westbrook

  9. Russell is the man, seriously, he changed the whole game by the performance he played at the defensive end. When Russell hustles, warriors' in trouble

  10. I am a huge curry and GSW fan, but Westbrook was absolutely sensational in that 3rd quarter. His decision making and shooting gave me nightmares last night.

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