Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Oct 21, 2016 | NBA Preseason

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43 thoughts on “Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Oct 21, 2016 | NBA Preseason

  1. yall saw how nobdy like cheers for blazers but people will get so HYPED when curry and durant be all nice

  2. who said the warriors have less depth this year? Ian Clark may be an upgrade over barbosa and david west/looney are clearly an upgrade over mo speights who is probably one of the lowest iq players in the league. People are just trying too hard to find flaws in this team i think

  3. what's the name of that WARRIORS CENTER?? pechula what ever!! GET OUT OF GOLDEN STATE you are a moron center!!

  4. wait hold up…… K-MUTHAFUCKEN-D got traded to GOLDEN STATE, how and when did that happen. what the fuck man.


  6. Am I the only warriors fan upset that KD left OKC? I wish he stayed there with Westbrook. The dynamic duo is ruined and I like KD, and I realize he joined GS cuz he knew with him, curry, thompson, and green he'd get a ring this time ;)

  7. Relentlessly isolate Curry on defense. It is there weakness. Go after him every time up the court. It is the cost they pay for buidling their team around an outside gunner.

    Work on Draymond Green's fragile intellegence and self-control. He'll loose it. He's as dumb as Dennis, but without the self-discipline. He might just take a picture of his dick on the sidelines and send it to everybody he knows and many he doesn't.

    Wait, wait, KD? Curry's best ever shooding in the NBA? Thomson's dumb, but an allstar.

    Naw. better to just grab your ass and pray. It is about all that can be done. Holy shit what a team! There have only been a handful teams like this in the league since Russell's Celtics had eight hall of famers on it.

  8. when curry got block it reminded him when lebron blocked him on the nba finals last year lol

  9. я ваш рот ебал. и слово "ваш" с маленькой буквы.

  10. SOULT LAKE CITY AMERIKU ЕБИТЕ….в дышло петушиное, ананисты прыщавые, перхоть козлячая.

  11. я ебал Ваши Американские дырявые рты…пидар-компания ебучки лагерные сиповины гниль бычьё утварь…и ты НАТАША СУКА С.Н.Э.

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