Phoenix Suns vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | December 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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49 thoughts on “Phoenix Suns vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | December 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. I know alot of people hate the warriors but you cant hate how they play . They play beautiful basketball with the movement and shooting they get at times.

  2. Megan reya aha shut yo bandwagon ass up , exactly ain't got shit to say . Second they ain't my team , Ima bulls fan til the day I die. A true fan . Aha not a wagon ass bitch like you . Who probably ain't like the warriors til the last two years… aha bitches like to talk a lot of shit that don't know anything about basketball, so sit yo princess ass down

  3. This game was over early. But Suns are just a bunch of players looking to get new contracts. Nobody plays as a team with them. Warriors had an easy night shooting wide open 3's.

  4. I like McGee… Maybe its fine having him and Zaza.. because they bring two different things to the table. But i just don't think a centers most important role is trying to play like a Point Guard.. Teams keep close when there is no rim protection. In the post season you can't just have a center that passes. You need someone who can rebound, block shots, throw down and score, pass, make free throws etc.. McGee can do all that. He is much better than he was made out to be. But McGee is also great for second unit too because no secondary center can stop him and he can rebound and go as high as any other center..He gives the team a boost.

  5. GSW need to trade zaza with either:

    1. Serge Ibaka (if they can afford him) due to his defense and midrange shooting.
    2. Tyson Chandler.

  6. Laughed out loud watching Javale McGee, then remember that I did the same thing a lot. Hahahaha

  7. I think the Warriors are capable of breaking a few more records with this particular group. Unbelievable shooting and ball movement. wow.

  8. The Suns have the talent, but these guys don't mesh well. If they could keep a solid coach for a full season, they could have a winning record.

  9. Yep I agree McGee is the man they need come playoffs If he could get enough playin time and get used to the system,. At least he can block shots and he trys to be active on the defensive end. And he could get up there where no man can to get ally oops.
    If he played more the other players would get used to McGee and he could become a offencive force,and you know he is trying to not have those shaqteen the fool moments. Like someone comented he knew he screwed up when he had one off those moments. That also would open things for the rest of the players even more (lol)if they had to watch out for McGee getting easy dunks. I hope Kerrgives McGee a real shot at starting. ZaZa had his shot and it was not impressive

  10. Javale doing good he is just clumsy but I think if he focus more and practice more he will be the best center in the NBA

  11. I'll say it again to all the people who jumped out early this year saying it's KD's team and Durant is "overshadowing" Curry. It's not KD's team. It's NOT Curry's team. It's both. They are equal superstars ready to take over. They don't give a fuck about that who's team is it bullshit.

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