Patrick Ewing (44p/24r) – Highlights Knicks@Warriors 11/29/1989

Big Pat dominating the Warriors with a monster game during an incredible 89/90 season for him…


6 thoughts on “Patrick Ewing (44p/24r) – Highlights Knicks@Warriors 11/29/1989

  1. Dude you're a beast! Saw those D Rob v Hakeem highlights the other day too. I wonder what you should upload next??? Hmmm 🙂 I've been looking for Robinsons game 4 performance in 93 vs Portland to eliminate the Blazers. Near quadrouple double 20pts/17rebs/11asts/7blks – only 2 TOV

  2. Its always interesting to see how superstar big men, respond when playing againts oponents much taller than them. Ewing just responded with a monster game, hehe.

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