Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Nov 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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40 thoughts on “Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Nov 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. When Wade and Lebron met again on the court after Lebron left the Heat, they weren't like Westbrook and Durant. People hate on Durant for "betraying", but it was HIS choice not anyone else's. And since I've been watching Durant since okc was supersonics, it is truly not right how OKC as a whole; organization, players, and not all, but some fans; is treating Durant. They should thank him for all the hard work he has put in even before the organization went into a new owner and respect his choice.

  2. Kevin I'm super glad you chose GSW to be your new home! I just knew you we're the missing piece to the puzzle!

  3. Steph CURRY (Chef CURRY or Russel Westbrook) is the best player in NBA !!
    Vote / 1 for Curry & 2 for Westbrook !!

  4. I can't believe the player on okc at 2:28 stared at kd. Kd did get him back later……Kd was probably thinking in his head, how many points do u have and how many do I have

  5. Hello, I'm a 10 year old Phillipino kid who has been a fan since 2015, no bandwagon. Fun fact: I didn't know Oakland had a team, Until my favorite player Stephen Curry won us the championship

  6. Looking back on this game from where we are today makes me realize that Kevin DurAunt is still a bitch.

  7. On the Thunders side to score on, next to the stairs to the right in the the White Russell Westbrook jersey with the camera is LostNUnbound!

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