New Orleans Pelicans vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Nov 7, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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37 thoughts on “New Orleans Pelicans vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Nov 7, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. that moment when you're in the arena and went to the toilet then when you come back they're cheering and you're like wtf is going on.

  2. "Curry has tied.. the NBA record! Twelve threes! He's done it twice now!" 1 Possession later.. "As Curry hit another three.. FOR THE RECORDDDD .. GOOD!!" Other comentater: "There it is!.. Everyone's aware of it" Main commentater: "..No man has made thirteen threes in a game.. until tonight!"

    #NeverGetsOld #DubNation

  3. did anyone notice the warriors fan dab after Stephen's 13th three 8:22– 24 behind the pelicans bench with the red curry jersey

  4. Curry's game plan that night: Catch the ball behind the 3-point line, pump fake, move over a couple feet, reset, shoot.

  5. Golden state taking the play offs, lebron old ass is going to have a heart attack trying to keep up.

  6. Bandwagon this… bandwagon that… they not even all that great… they got Kevin yeah but overall there a solid team… but there nice and I still think gonna be in the championship this year…

  7. new record of an amazing stephen curry 13 , 3 pointers in one game and he beat the record of Kobe bryant 12, three pointers it's crazy whith KD LET'S go Warriors

  8. nouveau record nba 13, 3 points de steph curry qui bat le record de kobe bryant qui ètait de 12 , 3 point chapeau l'artiste

  9. This is the warriors I've been waiting to see again. Keep it up. They looked much better this game.

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