LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | November 23, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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38 thoughts on “LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | November 23, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. the way we can beat them is by matching up all game lou on steph Julius on draman Clarkson on clay cuz he has the best d for our guards and brandon has to guard Durant only guy who has a chance to stop him and young and Russel dominate the bench points only way to beat these they shoot to good unless we go super big and put randle on Durant and Nance on green mozgov at the big but young and Russell have to come in second to keep us scoring from outside

  2. I swear to God I fucking hate verajao however you write his name this fucking lanky long shit get the fuck out of our team

  3. I know a lot of you are hyped but do me a favor and watch the whole game while focusing on #6 in the LA Lakers … that guy might actually be a star one day

  4. 47 assists. Team record. 2nd most in the NBA. Now thats crazy. UNSELFISHNESS & Ball sharing is the reason why i like to watch Warriors game. If I was a player I'd rather play for this team than a team that has a player that can score 34 pts in a quarter. ;-)

  5. all these revenge games is ridick! steph goes for 0 then comes back to break the record. they get beat by 20 against lakers then they beat them by damn near 50. i fuckin hope 3-1 is still fresh in their minds because you know they bout to comin in with hella fire!

  6. lakers switching up players on the floor. not the set that defeated the lakers. pretty obvious that they are experimenting.

  7. Hey stupid lakers fans why the fuck didn't you boo kevin dubitch like you booed lebron when he was with miami? Dumbfuck lakers fans get over the decision already.

    Lebron James 3 rings
    Kevin durat 0 rings
    Swaggy pee 0 rings

  8. As a Spurs fan, I gotta say if Cleveland and Golden State face off in the Finals, there is ABSOLUTELY no way it is going to Cleveland. Kevin Durant has too much to prove, and we've all seen what he's done so far this season.

  9. Clark is low key a baller I hope he stays with warriors he ain't my favorite player but I see the potential in him

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