LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Oct 4, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Preseason

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45 thoughts on “LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Oct 4, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Preseason

  1. Watching this team effortlessly destroy a championship contender is sad. I really liked the warriors before this trade, they were amazing but still vulnerable at times. As a team and when they play well i can't see them losing. It became a game of mentality because talent wise it's all there. If i take their bench and had them play separately they might win a few games against other teams. I'm not mad at kd, he didn't look happy at OKC. Go look at some of the games last year, he doesn't play well with a ball hog. I don't care what you have to say he didn't gel well with westbrook. Put him on a team that has no fear passing the ball, he becomes down right nasty. he's to tall, to athletic, to good of a shot 2/3, great talent, and shot blocker. He looked pissed at some games last year even when they were winning, he looks so happy in these games. It highlights how poorly he was used in OKC. I feel bad for the team who has to play them when they play average, if they play well good luck.

  2. Hey stupid fuck Clippers fans why the fuck didn't you boo durant every time he touched the ball like you booed lebron when he joined the heat? Stupid idiots still jealous of Lebron? Why is it ok for Durant to "join up" in GS but it was wrong for Lebron to "join up" in Miami??

    Lebron James 3 rings
    Fake Griffith 0 rings
    Clippers Organization 0 rings

    Crybaby bitches…get over the decision. Lebron James greatest in the game today.

  3. dear sir & maam
    pls.kindly check & double check the person using mis using dis informing your highly praise & frightened group

  4. 911: 911, what's your emergency?
    Me: I just witnessed a gang named "Golden State warriors" gangbang a bunch of pussies named "LA Clippers" in the TV!

  5. These fucking golden warriors all they so is shoot 3 especially curry i bet that he can't make layup

  6. For those who watched Kuroko's Basketball, this Warriors lineup is the closest shit i've seen to the Generation of Miracles.

  7. 4 million views for a preseason game is a sign of things to come this season when it comes to uploading Warriors videos.

    Everyone wants to watch them–if you love them, if you hate them, or if you just want to watch beautiful fast-paced basketball.

  8. CURRY WILL BE 1ST TEAM DEFENSE THIS SEASON! HOT TAKE I CAN SEE SOMEBODY HUNGRY TO PROVE HE BACK WITH ANOTHER IMPROVEMENT TO HIS GAME THAT STRETCH AT 2:25 WAS SHORTEN HE MADE 2 DEFECTIONS AND A STRIP TO FORCE SHOT CLOCK VIOLATION. yea it's preseason but that doesn't mean it's not basketball…I'll be back half way thru the season, listen how the narratives change.

  9. Warriors is now like golden Lakers in the past. and Warrior is the first team that successfully benefits from new salary cap, I think it will be more team go to big in the future. But definitely, there will be some team use the money to some less competitive player, as you can imagine …

  10. I don't know anything about Patrick McCaw… other than his legs look skinnier than most of the other player's arms. Kid needs to get himself to the gym.

  11. cavs vs gsw


    irving vs curry

    james vs durrant

    no one vs thompson = thompson double win = this is a huge problem = fuck

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