Kobe Bryant Full Highlights vs Warriors (2014.11.16) – 44 Pts, 1st Half Cheese!

Please watch: “Steph Curry vs Isaiah Thomas. IS ISAIAH BETTER?”


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Boxscore –


23 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Full Highlights vs Warriors (2014.11.16) – 44 Pts, 1st Half Cheese!

  1. Yes lebron is better than kobe. but you need to show respect on kobe he sacrifices in his 20 year career he just want his own team to win by himself winning titles

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  3. lmao jesus fucking christ the persecution complex is real

    negative win shares and impact on defense for 3 seasons

    aged about as gracefully as a melting ice cap

    insisted on not having a farewell tour and still had one anyway

  4. You know it must've been killing Kobe to see a team like GSW with no inside defense and not have the athleticism to go all '06 Kobe on their asses.

  5. Ed Davis's in this video. He's a Trailblazer now. The blazers have a game tonight. 7:30 PM ESPN. Fizz Ed's doing GOOD with the blazers. He cleans up the shots other players miss and makes some of his own. GOOD PLAYER!

  6. Whether you love Kobe or you hate him, you gotta admit, his team sucks.
    He might be a ball hog but that's not the only reason he takes all the shots.

  7. He scored all of those points, but they go annihilated. The Lakers have a shitty roster. If he doesn't get injured, then he'll have a 40 point game this season too.

  8. Never gotta chance to see Kobe vs. MJ in the finals and now I'll probably never see Lebron vs. Kobe in the finals. My 2 biggest basketball regrets.

  9. this is way i see this year 2015 is the only time i seen kobe not at his best this was just last year & they said kobe should have retired 3 years ago he also lead the league in scoring a lil bit last year its not his fault he is on a shitty team

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