Kobe Bryant 34 points (Achilles injury) vs Warriors – Full Highlights (2013.04.12)

2012 – 2013 NBA Season
Warriors – Lakers


43 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant 34 points (Achilles injury) vs Warriors – Full Highlights (2013.04.12)

  1. Old video, no has posted on for quite some time, I know.

    I recently ruptured my achilles (that's a third degree tear. Completely no attachment of ankle bone to calf.). I've been watching videos like this–happened to Dominique Wilkins, too–to see how it happened and for inspiration on recovering. By the way, Wilkins recovery is amazing, something I'm hoping for.

    I read some of the comments, and I thought I would clarify something–and my purpose isn't to bring down anyone's heroes, but an achilles rupture isn't particularly painful. I could have shot hundreds of free throws for you afterward. I went to work on that bad leg for two weeks before I could get in for surgery.

    People would see me limping, dragging my lame leg, and they would ask me, "Aren't you in pain?" or they'd say, "I bet that hurts," I would tell them I was not in any pain. None at all. And I wasn't. But I couldn't push off on that leg. Not at all. Which made staircases a challenge.

    I read some people compare this injury to cramps. I have also had cramps in my calves from too much exertion. The cramps were very much more painful. No contest at all which caused more pain. After the cramp, However, I could play again the next day with minor soreness. The achilles… I am told this is an injury that will affect me for life.

  2. man it was the end of the season too!! If he wouldve been rested, he might have still been great the next season and the seasons afterwards. This was a great season for him. He wasn't even declining yet.

  3. I remember coming home the night of this game and turned to ESPN to watch the highlights and all I saw was Kobe career may be over he ruptured his achilles late in the fourth quarter, then I saw him being interviewed about it on crutches leaning against a wall outside the Lakers locker room with red eyes and he look exahausted and he was in dispair….I was devastated and in shock I was afraid that he wouldnt never play again as I am the biggest Kobe/Laker fan ever. It wasnt confirmed yet through an MRI so I prayed that night that it was a broken ankle or foot or anything besides his achilles and then it was later confirmed that it was in fact his achilles a complete rupture that was a hard pill for me to swallow so I can not imagine how he felt as BB was Kobes life…I never seen another NBA player as passionate, convicted and dedicated to the game like Kobe Bryant…he'd put in some of the best stats of his career that season in 2013 and he'd worked so hard to keep his body in good physical condition as he knew he was getting older yet still at the age of 34 years old he was playing amazing BB especially on that night only for it to all end so abruptly as he played his heart out in this game to make the 8th seed of the playoffs only to not even have a chance to play even one game in the first round because there was to much weight on his back the whole team was weighing him down because Dwight, Ron, and even Pau did very little to help take some of the load off so he played several 48 minute games because he knew if he didnt they wouldnt make the playoffs smdh. I knew he would come back but I knew he would not be the Kobe I was accustomed to seeing. But when he did return way faster than doctors say he would after all it is Kobe Im talking about I was ecstatic to see him suited up in Purple and Gold again lol. Nevertheless hes retired and injoying spending quality time with his wife and kids and rightfully so because he gave more than enough time to the NBA and his fans and I appreciated every single moment that I had the privilage of watching him in so many unhumanlike extraordinary
    performamces for 20 years on that court night in and night out. Thank You Kobe!!!


  4. Kobe at 2:30, no dribble, rise up & drains a 30ft shot. Unbelievable skill & strength! Just look at Klay's reaction on the bench, along with Mark Jackson.

  5. The worst mvp of all time curry two time mvp and lose with a record 73-9 and blew a 3-1 lead in the finals man curry still sucks! Lebron,kobe,jordan are the greateest anything better than curry

  6. Mike diantoni was absolutely killing kobe bryant with all the minutes he was playing down the stretch…. Kobe had so much heart as a player…

  7. I remember this game. Most lopsided officiating I've ever seen. The league was making a last push to get the lakers in the playoffs.

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