Kevin Durant FULL MVP Highlights From Game 5 of NBA Finals

KD dropped 39 points in another star performance, becoming the 4th player with more than 30 pts in each of 1st 5 games of an NBA Finals, as he secured his first NBA Finals MVP award in the Warriors’ title-clinching 129-120 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals.

Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series.

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38 thoughts on “Kevin Durant FULL MVP Highlights From Game 5 of NBA Finals

  1. don't let this hide the fact dirk is better than every player on that damn court. curry "fans"get his dick out your mouth

  2. It's truly sad with all the hate and shit. Some of the comments are absolutely disgusting! The warriors earned their championship! 82 games in a season and 17 games in the playoffs. #haverespect #behumble I love my warriors and all this hate and shit is just bad.

  3. Maybe every formidable NBA player should now join GSW to get a ring in 2018…I'm sure GSW fans would find a way to justify a team with LeBron, Kahwi, Carmelo, Giannis, Westbrook, CP3, Kyrie Irving, and Isaiah Thomas as 2018 Warriors. A ring by any means necessary is the new NBA motto.

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  5. the same people that made fun of the warriors for not having a big and only shooters got so mad when they signed a big thats also one of the best shooters of all time 😂

  6. IMO it took a lot of guts and really manning up and swallowing your pride to go to a team who beat you and then winning a championship with them.

    I also admire KDs courage and ability to ignore all the haters and win under all that pressure. The hater comments are bad right now but it would be 10 times worse if GSW lost.

    Really happy for KD and haven't been since KB got his 1st ring without Shaq

  7. while I'm readin reason I see there's 666 dislikes..the devil is alive hehee…kd shat on bron bron all finals especially 4th qtr😣😣😥

  8. Westbrook has every motive now to kill this backstabbing cunt. Get his lazy ass out of the league, smh.

  9. kD makes a wise choice coz he certainly knew dat he can beat LeBron on his teammates with the help of curry, klay etc…..wat a wishful thinking..kd…now dat, u won nba championship n final mvp…dats ur destination of ur 35 Jersey no: & points….u really deserve it so much…

  10. All the hate on KD he didn't do shit to hurt yall lives. All this cavs fans talking shit about KD but yall still love LeBron after he embarrass Cleveland by choosing Miami on live TV. You are right maybe KD took the easy way to get a ring but I bet all those all Stars legendary NBA players that never won a ring would have done the same as KD. So Cleveland don't talk shit about KD been a pussy to get a ring cuz if you think that way so did LeBron did it too.

  11. Didn't Lebron take 33 million dollar a season when he already had a billion dollar Nike deal and mega endorsements from other companies, then get Tristan Thompson overpaid as well as J.R. Smith, bring in Kevin Love, get Iman Shumpert for free and then get Kyle Korver in a fishy trade and then sign the backup point guard he wanted in Deron Williams.
    Lebron the reason the cavs were fucked from the start because of the stupid shit he did.

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