Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Dec 1, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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36 thoughts on “Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Dec 1, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. why does draymond green have to scream the entire freaking game did you hear that. AND ONE AND ONE. shut up you didnt even make the shot i was at that game

  2. you can see in this video at 5:25 Anderson clearly made a 3 point shot but only counted as a 2 since the commentators said a deep 2 but still rockets ftw

  3. Ximo are you a warriors fan? As I was watching, couldn't help but notice that most of the highlights were heavily for the warriors. At one point I saw like 7-8 warrior buckets in a row even though the Rockets were scoring in between. From 3:25 all the way to 4:05 it's just warriors even though the rockets had scored 11 points.

  4. all these houston haters lol don't forget last year and the year before the entire offense was harden that's all yall had to worry about now there's other scorers on the team as yall learned from the game just wait for the chemistry to get better a revived Eric hordan and Ryan Anderson and a better harden at the point that small ball 3 ball gs bullshit is getting old yall know yall won't be given the west

  5. Excelente. Esto es lo que yo quería ver. Highlights. No como en otros canales de youtube que muestran los puntos de un solo equipo. Suscrito estoy.

  6. I love how every warrior screen ends with them pulling defenders arms Pieces of shit at 4:48 also is another example of livingston pulling arms Steph curry best shooter my ass he gets the best screens which are illegal screens

  7. Its so funny how the warriors almost got all of the highlights from 1st – 3rd quarter and most of the time were trailing on those highlight..

  8. Rockets have improved a lot from last year. I am also amazed how easy you can get foul. It is like going for a foul instead of trying to score bucket sometimes. Steph's face looked like was saying that ( 08:17 ).It was going for rebound from Draymond and even if they call it it shouldn't be flagrant. Good game 'though

  9. So happy they installed a kicking rule. Draymond's so much garbage for doing that. I understand it happening by accident, but this many times you have to be intentional.

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