Golden State Warriors vs Trail Blazers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – May 9, 2016 – 2016 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – May 9, 2016 – 2016 NBA Playoffs
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46 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Trail Blazers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – May 9, 2016 – 2016 NBA Playoffs

  1. this is not bball, 3 pt should be removed, 3ball on the one end of the cort, 3 ball on the other end of the cort back and forward, back and forward… looks like some kids playin at the park…

  2. Dam you can see curry was really bothered but he tried everything he could to help win that game his jump shot looked off from watching highlights this year and last year before the injuries … he was not the same but he healthy rn let's pray he stays that way 💯

  3. This was the best series of the playoffs. Best matchup of the League. At least in my opinion. Who else?

  4. Never doubt curry that's when he's at his best I honestly think he's need to play he's game more statistical he's shooting amazing but shots selection horrible and 2 NBA finals he's been something of a no show we haven't got that curry effect in the finals sure some nice games here and there but he got out played in 7 games he somewhat got outplayed by Westbrook but curry dropped 98points the last 3 games and also klay stepped up as a solid first option for then ,klay could led team to the playoffs. Curry was hurt though the playoffs but he steeped up in those games this game is a legendary game this game was his flue game and also kd can help curry in so many ways curry can maybe run point like Steve Nash .

  5. Lilliard is so fucking dope, his range is as deep as Curry's and can hit crazy contested jumpers. Plus he has better driving ability and athletism, he never gets credit he deserves.

  6. Warriors are the Seahawks of the nba, overrated as fuck, won a championship then choked in the championship the next season, and have the most annoying fan base in the league.

  7. Lebron proved in the finals he's still the best basketball player in the world not Stephanie curry his and the warriors run will be over in five years anyways

  8. as long as the warriors go out playing like the warriors. which they have not been doing. I'm fine. I live this team with all my heart

  9. say out loud "satan take my immortal soul" if you are for legally killing newborn infants in the state of Oregon or any where else in the world or if you love hitler to win a war with people in wheelchairs who are physically disabled by killing them off.the Nazi party shrink.


  11. Now, this generation supposedly is the strongest, fastest, smartest generation in previous than any in previous decades! So why then, pro sports looks so watered down today?

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