Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs – Full Game Highlights – April 10, 2016 – 2016 NBA Season


40 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs – Full Game Highlights – April 10, 2016 – 2016 NBA Season

  1. when someone from the Spurs team made it they would say their name loud and excited but when someone made it from the warriors team they would say it low and boring it's cuz their at the Spurs arena I think

  2. Nice highlights. Most game highlights are under 10 minutes. It's good to see a longer edit like this. Well done.

  3. They lost to the Spurs on my birthday but got their revenge. Man, that season Curry had will always be my favorite individual player season.

  4. this was the game that the Spurs ran Curry off the 3 point line, good strategy, but curry had a counter for it.

  5. When Curry took the Half Court Shot i was like "Oh no that's in" coz seeing that he just needs to heave it to the right strength and force coz he has the rim on the middle of his eyes.

  6. What's with all the comparison whether or not this person and that person are better than the other ones?

    Jordan is known for his 2 seconds air time
    While AI is known for his killer crossovers
    However D Rose/Westbrook are known for their explosiveness
    Meanwhile Curry is known for his prolific 3 points consistency
    And Irving is known for his magic handles / finishers

    Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to championship, one have to win and the others have to lose. That's where amazing happens. Entertainment don't bring conflict through comparison, it bring excitement.
    Just stop to comparison and dickheads ego alongside your childish mindset.

  7. 73-9, Curry gets back to back MVP's only 2 losses at home, cpming back down from 3-1 well guys……..None of that matters cus CAVS MF's!!!CAVS 2016 CAMPS BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! HEY WARRIOR'S Y'ALL SUCK! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Did they turn off the Three Point Iluminated Line of the At&T Coliseum? Its not working in this game?

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