Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs First Half Game 2 Highlights – May 16, 2017

Golden State Warriors 72, San Antonio Spurs 44 – Halftime

Date: May 16, 2017

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28 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs First Half Game 2 Highlights – May 16, 2017

  1. spurs fans making death threats to pachulia are cowards. bet they wont say that in pachuli's face. cowards, crybabies and dumb spurs fans should hang themselves when the spurs go out in 4. bleeding heart haters can hold this L. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I pray that kawhi and parker is in the court in game 3, watch the warriors how to murdered them…spurs fan making excuses anytime#dubnation

  3. gsw nice win but you really did that on purpose because you are scared of a challenge… poor gsw bad intentions… word of advice dont kill lebron and kyrie ok..
    some sportmanship would be nice. and tell your dog donkey face green and zaza fuckchulia not to plot injury on other teams…

  4. Dumb ass people talking about the warriors got it easy playing teams with injured players… y'all act like that's their fault. What y'all want them to say "oh we can't play y'all yet bc y'all don't have all your players?" How stupid would that look

  5. Most won't read this, but I'm chasing my dream. I wrote a song for the warriors, can you check it out on my channel! I know you'll love it! thanks!

  6. Fuck this elite bullshit techie dead ass bandwagon crowd. The true fans are ignored and these overpriced seats are filled by fucking white people that don't know shit about basketball, let alone warrior culture if it bit them in the ass!!!!

    Oracle is a shell of it's former self! What a bullshit excuse for a fanbase. Also fuck Zaza and I am a true warrior's fan!

  7. even golden state fans was bored because they too used of seeing these dudes blow teams out the gym…no comp at all

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