Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings – Full Game Highlights | Jan 8, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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25 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings – Full Game Highlights | Jan 8, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. I'm sorry for the late upload. I had power issue. Sorted it just a few minutes ago.

  2. SAC played bad and lazy defense. I know before watching that SAC lose
    the game. Not for tough opponent. For their essence of losers. It begun
    in 4:45
    (2nd minute in 3rd quarter). Some turnovers, losing the balls, bad
    shooting and no defense in GSW fastbrakes. Cousins defending in 3pt line
    (Curry, Thompson) and not defending offensive rebounders like a Green.
    What he f..cking did in 3pt line. GSW made the baskets and He still was
    out of D. He want be everywhere, but he isn't anywhere. Where were Gay,
    Tolliver, etc. I watched many games of SAC in last season and I don't
    like their defense and teamwork. I don't care on his triple-doubles and
    many defensive rebounds. Cousins often take games on himself but He
    isn't good clutch player and spoils most shots in decisive moments. SAC
    still losing most games. Who is wonder. I certainly not. SAC will not be
    in playoffs. Bad team in overall.

  3. Kings just look like a bunch of dudes that never learned how to , nor had to learn how to play defense. Just garbage when they needed stops.

  4. They should gave 3 points on dunk or no 3 seconds rule on paint. So this way bring back big man games. Now NBA is whole team playing HORSE game behind the line. So boring. Tell me guys. which one more excited to watch Klay shooting threes or Kobe dunking on Nash? Curry shooting from half court or Shaq destroying the rim. Draymond shooting three's or Jordan's fastbreak dunk?

  5. i just wonder why cavs fans watch warriors games but me imma warrior fan i dont remember i watch cavs games

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