Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Full Highlights | G3 | April 22, 2017 NBA Playoffs





24 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Full Highlights | G3 | April 22, 2017 NBA Playoffs

  1. Ian comes in… and takes a nasty fall on the left wrist, but he was ALL RIGHT. Lol Arrested Development anybody? 3:00

  2. If you get to mention Aminu on your next video say something like he looks like a Somalian pirate about to rob your boat.

  3. hey Alchemy keep watching and loving all ur videos man! Loved the analysis of JAVALE MCGEE! Hope this dude keeps the hustle moving forward! And I was just wondering what your thoughts are on right now about how much of a beast Lebron has been playing while Curry and the GSW don't seem as scary as the CAVS even tho they have a better regular season record. I am GSW fan like you but i also like Lebron, and the fact you always show respect to opponents is great! But which team do u think is doing better as it seems like right now? Hope you talk about it in some videos you make, keep up the great work!

  4. at this rate i really hope Cavs make it to the finals, if every fucking one is healthy i predict a boring finals with Lebron Choking and Kyrie getting assasinated by that GS D, 4 games with 3 blowouts like in MLK Day

  5. Your announcing is good but your voice isn't exactly Sinatra. May try a polyps surgery. Hope this sub helps raise the funds.

  6. sick videos bro… you funny af and entertaining and on point…u from the bay tho?? haven't heard u say hella yet lol

  7. Can't believe I'm saying it, but we gotta do everything we can to bring back Javale. He changes so much bc the lob threat keeps the opposing defense from overplaying the 3 pt line. This changes the spacing on the floor entirely. Earlier in the season he wasn't finishing some lobs but now he's finishing everything and he has a huge catch radius. And he's improved his defense. If you watch him now, he's no longer leaving his feet and getting caught up in the air. He has discipline and keeps getting better and better. After Iguodala, Javale needs to be our priority to re-sign.

  8. Your coaching experience really shines on these videos and separates you from the others on youtube. I'm gonna make a patreon account just to support you dude. THANK YOU

  9. Pmac is a really valuable asset now. He learned from his mistakes in march and he's more aggressive now. Also, Did you see that face from Dbo West after that foul? That dude is scary, wouldn't look at him if I was on the same street with him

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