Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 6 – Full Highlights | 2016 NBA Playoffs

NBA May 29 29th 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2016 Playoffs Season 2015 15-16 29.05.2016 05.29.2016 Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Warriors Cavaliers Raptors …


43 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 6 – Full Highlights | 2016 NBA Playoffs

  1. This is why KD went to the Warriors, its mostly Westbrook's fault they lost, and people now think Westbrook is the best player in the NBA and they think he's better than Curry and KD man I'm dead.

  2. for any seattle fan…this is their probably one of their favorite playoff games lol

  3. If Kyrie Irving was in that game in replace of Westbrook Kyrie would have closed that bitch out unlike Westbrook smh but that little bitch Durant did choke this game away as well

  4. I love how when kd was on the thunder the warriors fans bashed him now they praise him lmao.

  5. This is one of the best games of all time. You might hate Golden State but what they did here was incredible. When Kevin Durant joined I lost a lot of respect….

  6. "Kevin Durant choked in game 6" yet dropped 29. Yeaaa he really choked alright 🤔

  7. Hate how they give Curry all the credit for this when Klay was on literall fire in the fourth

  8. Little did Durant know 9 months later he would be standing on the other side of the court…


  10. Do you people realize OKC had 0 chance of winning that series… The NBA is scripted… OKC would of lost to SA if the NBA wasnt scripted… But OKC vs GS draws way higher ratings than SA vs GS… There is no what if's in the NBA… If you truly thought the League was allowing GS to lose before the Finals then LOL at you.. The League had GS go down 1 – 3 to make it look like they are beatable plus to set up the storyline of KD leaving them and joining another team that blew a 3 – 1 lead… Lets say GS beats OKC in 4 or 5 and loses in the Finals, i bet you would of said it was beyond fixed… Cleveland of all teams comes back vs the best team ever while down 1 – 3… Who the hell is believing that considering, they are 1 – 5 vs them including regular season with 4 blow out losses…

  11. nobody talked about how Westbrook and kd blew a 3-1 lead but everyone talking bout how curry and them blew a 3-1lead

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