Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 6 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 6 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Playoffs
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43 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 6 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Playoffs

  1. it really seemed like the warriors were gonna lose this game… but klay kept them within striking distance all game and then they went on their run on the 4th. crazy performance by thompson

  2. mad respect to these warriors, one of the toughest & relentless teams I've watched since the 2001 Sixers & 2002 Kings

  3. Both games 6 and 7 of this series was EASY the best 2 games I've ever seen in my life. It was tense from the tip off. All kinds of action in these last 2 games. In my opinion…this was better (more exciting) than the Championship series. This was an absolute WAR..and I loved every second of it. The Warriors had NO answer for Durant…and OKC had NO answer for the Splash Brothers. It was CRAZY tense. This is how a conference finals should be….ALL – OUT – WAR. Take no prisoners…KILL `EM ALL !!! lol Can't wait til the 2017 season…omg.

  4. hahhe Green stopped Lebron from scoring 40 points while GS was fouling like crazy and that bitch Curry crying after getting ejected for fouling Lebron is priceless

  5. This game was one of the best I've ever seen, but the editing job seen here is poor. I would rather watch a little bit of the better plays instead of editing to see every ball made shot go through the basket. I do like to watch volume, but when all you edit is people hoisting the ball up, it gets really boring. Try to add a build up of the better plays, so you can get a sense of the game flow, and how shots are so open or why shots are being contested.

    Keep practicing.

  6. Klay had an unreal game and saved the Warriors season. But let’s stop acting like Curry went missing or something. The dude had 31 pts, 10 rebs, 9 assists (one assist shy of triple double). Yet the haters will ignore that and just say, “he only shoots 3’s!”

  7. I swear to God I was watching this game live standing the whole match !!! Thunderstruck by Warriors

  8. Y'all sack golden state warriors so bad. Had it been 3 years ago half y'all wouldn't know who golden state was smfh. Then half of y'all traded y'all old team for Golden state punk ass. ✌🏽️💯

  9. Wow, not an OKC fan, but FUCK!!! The Thunder, with that badass squad couldn't win just 1 of those 3 final games??!!

  10. 8:23 reason OKC lost… 4 guys within 10 feet of a wide open Curry at the 3pt line on the break and nobody runs at him until its too late….. you cant fix stupid

  11. westbrook and Durant to Cavs irving and love to okc Cavs big three if cavs lose to finals Duncan to  GSW draymond green free agent injured 5years rest of injury legs in his balls busted open

  12. Thunder are DONE no way they win game 7, They had their chances and they blew it. Durant choked game 6 away

  13. i wish warriors win today am scaaaaaaaaaaaared damn …hope Curry wake up we need him this game!

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