Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 1st Qtr Highlights | Feb 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

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38 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 1st Qtr Highlights | Feb 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

  1. Pretty sure all you warriors fans were talking shit about Kevin Durant when they blew their 3-1 lead against them lmao

  2. Cavs gets destroyed by OKC while they were on a back to back then the Warriors destroyed OKC while they were on a back to back at this point back to back games are an excuse for losing OKC sucks ASSHOLE!!!

  3. Yo why didn't they start Zaza for this games? I wanted to see what punk ass Westbrook thinks he was gonna to Zaza :/

  4. and im going to end this. yall mad kevin left okc because yall say he was close to getting a chip if he stayed. how the hell do you know if there is a gurantee next time? look at this game to show you kevij and westbrook cant do it a lone!! look russell made all them dam points and what? they still take a l! you have to make teamwork to win and thats exactly why he had to do what was best for him! do you k ow how emotional it was for kevin to freakin being close to going to the championship and it slipt right out of fingers? and now the emotional thought of going back to a team to lose again. how the hell can you judge kevin for his decision!! he did his time ! a long time and shit aint happen! yall dont think about it man. yall just hard headed. mf make fund of iverson for this day for not getting a dam ring!!! you got to be woth a team that wants it to work!!! not a team who just expects 1 or 2 people to do everything!! congrats westbrooke for his stats but he need to criticize his team in order to win games.

  5. Okc players bunch of babies trying to get under Kevin Durant's skin cause. Have some class, especially Westbrick or WhineBaby

  6. No one likes a ballhog, but Curry like needs to be a ballhog, you know what i mean? He passes WAYY too much, we can't see his 3 point and crossover skills.

  7. The comment section has 3 wars, warriors vs cavs, durant fans vs okc fans, and keyboard trollers vs NBA nerds.

  8. Robertson needs to shut his bum ass up trying to trash talk Durant like seriously your a fucking scrub you have no right to trash talk.

  9. Durant showing why he always was the MAN in OKC! not this brick shooting, turnover machine arrogant stat padder aka Westbrick! the over sensitive light skin turtle.

  10. I hope Westbrook gets help soon, maybe Anthony Davis and sum shooters around him. The revenge is gonna come…

  11. Overrated Westbrook with 5 turnovers in one quarter LOL. Only gets it done against shitty teams.

  12. Fuck you Golden State Larriors
    its 1 vs 17 out dere Westbrook vs Warriors and Refs

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