Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder – 1st Half Highlights | Feb 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

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47 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder – 1st Half Highlights | Feb 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

  1. Oh come on. You didn't even get the back and forths among Durant, Westbrook, and Roberson. That's like the only reason half of us watched this.

  2. 5:12…LOL! WestBRICK trying to show off for his $hitty OKC fans by shoving KD. smh! Didnt do that $hit in Golden State now did he? lololol!!!! WestBRICK= BITCH! No wonder KD wanted out!

  3. KD is lucky, try playing premier league football in England, would get a bit more than a few 'cupcakes', fucking yanks.

  4. at 5:12 #0 pushes KD, no calls… then it's when Durant decides to Go off the rest of the game and score 34 points.

  5. Wau, as an European and Euroleague basketball fan I always say that NBA fans in the arena suck, that all they do is chant "defense" every once in awhile and that's it.. But damn those Thunder fans proved me wrong!

  6. Going to be hilarious when Kerr throws out a lineup of Westbrook and the 4 Warriors out on the floor for the All Star Game.

  7. Westbrook is such a classless piece of shit. Why is Durant expected to just be locked into OKC forever? He did what he did, he carried that franchise for years and it just wasn't good enough. The dude wants to win an NBA title and it just wasn't happening with the Thunder. He got an opportunity to go to a better team, why wouldn't he take it? Years back while Westbrook was getting tons of hate, Durant in his MVP speech backed up Westbrook. I've lost any respect I ever had for Westbrook and the OKC fans.

  8. gosh I hate gsw they come our arena and think they can beat us they might want to think again because before they know it there going to be getting dunked on from Russell

  9. 11 TOS, my team has no clue on how to win a championship. GSW in the beginning only have 2 all stars but their play make them 4 all stars now and look at their bench players perform. All NBA players are professional, its about how we play the game and we have to do something about it before we lose all our star players, example: james harden, kd etc

  10. kd was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT & BRAVE 2 go 2 the warriors.So okc fans & okc front office can all suck & eat a fat dick- fuckin losers.warriors won! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  11. Nice win for the golden sta- Oh what its just the first half ? Oh. Well. Already a win for the golden state. 🙂

  12. Its super crazy how these comments have nothing to do with any basketball plays, just criticism about nothing.

  13. gsw played all teams,scored all players,while okc only wesbrook,thats why wesbrook gets the triple double

  14. I mean how can they boo KD when it's evident that the fans CHEER for CURRY all the same? Even the OKC fans are cheer for GSW….

  15. still should show respect for the man for what he did for that city and the communitys..smh at the okc fans and the okc city

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