Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks – Full Game Highlights | Nov 19, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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42 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks – Full Game Highlights | Nov 19, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. warriors did a great job…but at last quarter they did few mistakes…they need to work on them.

  2. Should have put javale out during the last mins he will help defend well…

    Steve kerr should fucking bench zaza for every single game he sucks ass javale should start

  3. Number 34 gave the bucks some elite rim protection at the end of the game,..No Jason Clutch Terry in final play of the game?

  4. "Nobody on the court wearing a Warriors uniform is a defending champion."

    Nobody in a Milwaukee uniform will see the playoffs this season 😒

  5. The refs didn't call anything in the last few minutes. Tried their best to help Milwaukee win lol.

  6. shitty warriors team last 3 minutes
    curry practically air balled a 3 (sorry but isnt he supposed to be good at 3"s? isnt this what everyone brags about?)
    green got blocked 2 times (isnt he one of the best players in the paint? wait a minute?)
    durant bricks,losses shoe etc…jesus
    should i keep going?

    warriors are garbage and this proved it. they were up like 14 points around 7 min left. instead of building that lead it got cut to 3. they BARELY got past the bucks and it wasnt warriors defense. the bucks werent making shots at the end. theres also that uncalled foul on thompson which shoulda been called. steve kerr telling people to wear some t-shirt like a bet as if hes confident then hes crying like a 10 year old "no foul no foul" scared shitless lol. kerr is afraid of meeting bucks in a 7 game series. i guarantee warriors wont win if it happens.

    people are upset they winning by only 1-3 points because thats luck. a convincing win is when you win by 10-30 thats dominance and im sorry but if you got like 4-5 allstars on your team how da fuc you only winning by 1-3 points against a sub 50 team?someone? anyone? the dream team wasnt winning at the olympics by no 1-3 points. they were winning by 20 each game. i know warriors aint no dream team but you got 4-5 stars on there and thats the best you can do? funniest thing is they got 2 chokers on same team durant and curry from last year.

  7. Bucks suck lol They had several chances to win the game xD No wonder they havent had a ring since Kareem lol

  8. Such a great game by Bucks. Their offence is soooooo entertaining to watch. Defence is a lil off doe.

  9. The Bucks are always gonna be a difficult matchup for the dubs due to their lengthy roster compared to our shorter guys. No real big interior presence to slow down their bigs

  10. Yo can the Warriors already use McGee in the starting lineup? Sure he's not as athletic as he was and still can be a liability on offense but looking at his highlights he's doing good.

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