Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | October 19, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Preseason

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47 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | October 19, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Preseason

  1. I haven't rooted for the lakers in my life, but these young guys are looking good as fuck if they play like this consistently they could be relevant

  2. I'm very very fan of lakers im happy because they improved their offense and defense and the big help of clarkson, Russell, ingram, young etc.. although kobe bryant my idol since im 9 years old retire…

  3. Its like teams only bring out their best when they play GSW but slack when playing other teams. The lakers could easily make it to the playoffs with the ball movement and the consistency of points they scored in this game. GSW is a powerhouse, but the other teams could easily give them a run from their money if they learn to share the ball and avoid ONE leader of the whole team.

  4. O Curry é um jogador fantástico, mas nas finais ele deixa a desejar, com a contratação do Durant, o time ficou perfeito.

  5. This is great. You pretty much cut out all the fat. This should be standard for all sports. I wonder if there is something like this for the NFL. I hate having to watch commercials after every other play.

  6. I know Mark Jackson be more and more pissed everyday to have and analysis his former team just to think "what if"

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