Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets – Full Game Highlights | Jan 20, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

2016-17 NBA season Full Game Highlights Regular January Jan 20 20th 2016 2017
Draymond Green establishes himself as the favorite for DPOY
Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

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39 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets – Full Game Highlights | Jan 20, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. I love your commentaries even though i'm a Houston fan… what did you think of Lou coming to Houston?

  2. Aye this channel is good, and I'm an Cavs fan but I appreciate greatness when I see it I'm sub!

  3. Been getting your name out there since I first started watching your vids, your channel will bloom in no time g, wish you the best success 💯💯

  4. I wonder what you think about McGee starting over ZaZa ? I think McGee can't run plays as ZaZa does or defence
    I think today ZaZa broke magic in 3rd and then curry start 🔥🏀👌

  5. Finally showing the warriors are a team against serious contenders.
    Got a game vs the Clippers and Hornets in the next 5 games. Don't think they'll be a challenge though they might surprise.
    Anyways great vid! The channel is growing at a good pace. Also, did you use the image I sent you? No pressure, I just want to know.

  6. Really enjoying the content in this channel. Keep up the quality work! (from the philippines btw)

  7. What do you think of McCaw's jumper? Does it look a little funy or is it just me?

  8. I"m amused and entertained how even "garbage time" comes across as elegance in these blow outs with serious contenders. Hope this momentum keeps up!

  9. Great commentary. This was a hell of a 3 game run for us. Dubs still improving all the time and I hope we peak in the Playoffs. So many new faces but we are starting to gel as a full squad

  10. They've got good chemistry now. I think Kerr has the right lineups. Looking forward to playoffs.

  11. at this point i feel like most of these ''good teams'' dont want to play serious in regular season vs GSW … CLE and HOU dissapointing performaces ,,,

  12. "Sam Dekker who sales used cars in Wisconsin in the off season" 😂
    You gotta do a NBA roast video bruh lol

  13. Golden state didnt loose 2 times to the same team except for Memphis ! Lets see what happens against the spurs!

  14. So what will it take for Kerr to play McGee? The dude already showed us what he's capable of yet he still can't seem to get off the bench.

  15. I dont know why JAvale didnt play this game. I was semi-impressed with MacAdoo. He didnt play any defense, but he got some good offensive possessions. Wish Damian Jones would be let off the leash. This was a great game from Draymond and KD. Just lights out on both ends of the floor.

  16. Thanks for another great video, keep it up !
    There is nothing much to say, about refs and fouls, i mean their court, they were playing home so nothing unusual. Great game overall. Kley and Za having little Bromance goin` on, lol.

  17. I love how the rockets commentators were bitchin about a few calls the warriors got but harden gets to the line every time he drives…

  18. you know steph was about to hit that three before the buzzer because everyone knows hand down man down splashhhhhhh!!!

  19. "You get a look at Sam Dekker who sells used cars in Wisconsin in the off season" 😂😂

  20. I love GSW because this is not team , this is family and our country's son Zaza Pachulia is member of this family

  21. I just love that all the teams the beat us so far we are blowing them out now grizzlies you are next!!

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