Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets – Full Game Highlights | Nov 10, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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24 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets – Full Game Highlights | Nov 10, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. As a Nuggets fan it pains me to hear the crowd cheer for GsW more than the Nuggets on home court.

  2. Jamal Murray deserved the threes from Steph. That will show him how he has to play for the next couple of years.#warriors for life!

  3. Mcgee needs a lot more minutes, but they shouldn't start him. Let him shine on the bench because they have a bench problem as well. Everytime curry or durant sits they blow a lead or dig themselves into a hole. A Livingston and Mcgee combo might serve them well. But they definitely need to get Javale more minutes

  4. I love how you don't say who wins in your titles. I miss a lot of games b/c of work and when I watch these..i legitimately don't know who's going to win. So exciting!

  5. 8:25 announcer "what are the odds of Anderson verjoe falling in these last minutes" . lmao aint that the truth wit his flopping ass!

  6. The Denver Nuggets are the most half-ass team I've ever witnessed. Like…this isn't the All-Star game, play like you mean it, not the last 2 minutes.

  7. In the comment section you see people who take Shaq'Tin a fool seriously and think Javale McGee is bad because he is clumsy. It has been too intentional recently. It feels like Shaq is just trying to keep McGee on his show, picking up things which barely matters, or mistake everyone makes. Shame on him, respected Shaq as a player, but now he is constantly ruining another player's image.

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