Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – 1st Half Highlights | Dec 25 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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40 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – 1st Half Highlights | Dec 25 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. stopped watching late 3rd, came back missed game checked my phone knowingcavs coulx have still won in a close game and won by a point damn, but ultimately if cavs have to win by a point at home then the warriors win in 5 probably 6 as both teams will probably squash clippers and east opponent to cavs and a full roster warriors will beat a full rotercavs best of 7 everytime unless a. refs dont want nba to be monopoluzedby free agency thus fixing to get cavs another win or two could do it or b in all likelyhood in a fair competition allbeit unfare free agent markets with all sports cities not being big not they would only lose if they lacked killer instinct. I could honestly see both occuring so i will give cavs a 38% chance barring another injury (starting center is out)

  2. I'm not a Warriors fan but it's not a championship game. The Cavs won but still needs improvements. Cause Steph Curry isn't somebody to worry about. Klay maybe but Draymond Green and KD is still gonna be the problem. They should check out the D-League and Free Agents to find a Stretch big who can score and play D to shut KD down

  3. People sayin KD got tripped in the final seconds of the game. Yall needed to pay closer attention, Yeah he tripped but him being so anxious to try and score he tripped over his own feet for trying to get the ball and get the last shot

  4. warriors fans weren't this big 5 years ago and most of these cavs fans were nowhere to be found when LeBron was in Miami. your all bandwagons







  6. I'm a warriors fan, but the warriors can't beat the cavaliers even with Kd. They were better off last year without Kd……………

  7. everyone just look at curry on the bench before kyrie is about to take the shot nigga knows kyrie made him his bitch again

  8. Warriors fans be like "Y'all won by a point, It isn't that bad of an ass woopin' "
    Cavs did it Without JR Smith, With JR, Kyrie wouldn't have hit a Game winner because it would've been like 121 to 108 since JR puts up numbers too

  9. Durant is 18-4 against LeBron and GSW thought it was a good idea to sign the guy that LeBron has made his bitch for all his seasons.

  10. I am a Warriors fan and this was a good game. Very fun to watch I am not worried. Warriors learned something this game dont let Kyrie have the ball with the last few seconds of the game ( they should already know that from last year) . Oh and stop becoming complacent and giving up big leads. Warriors have been doing this the whole season and it finally caught up with them.

  11. Wow Cleveland won by a point, refs played dirty. Cleveland will get burned in Oakland, wait till the playoffs, Cav's will get swept

  12. Look at the end of the game when Richard Jefferson make Kevin Durant fall on the floor and never call foul that mess up about that play

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