Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers Full Highlights from 2017 Season

Take a look at the best plays and moments from the 2017 season for the Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers as they prepare for a match-up tonight on ABC.


42 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers Full Highlights from 2017 Season

  1. People with no basketball knowledge love to comment ignorant and irrelevant posts. I just scroll to read people bash others opinions that have no impact on their own lives. I just appreciate great & entertaining basketball. With my Lakers playing like shit, like most teams, only thing you can do.

  2. lmao NBA trying so hard to hype this game but we all know the Warriors are Just gonna Blow them out By 40 again

  3. My nigga javale needs to start against DJ . I mean zaza is soft AF , how can he defend DJ .? fkin Dj gonna toy with zaza . But warriors taking the W .

  4. ill take that first play over any trip dub….holy smokes i dont even know the final score

    1.Marco Bellinelli
    2. Steph Curry
    3. Joe Ingles
    4. Eric Gordon
    5. Otto Porter Jr.
    6. J.J. Redick
    7. Ryan Anderson
    8.Klay Thompson
    9. Kyle Korver
    10. joel Embiid

  6. Warriors Finn to dick Clippers but might be compitive game cause clippers are doing good so far

  7. I don't know why everyone bandwagoning the warriors and cavs, the spurs is taking it this year.

  8. Comment section percentage
    25% Warriors fans
    25% Warriors haters
    25% people saying this game is overhyped
    15% clippers hope they can pull the upset
    5% LeBron Haters
    5% first second and third comments
    Don't come @ me for facts

  9. The only reason Warriors have close games with any team is because the NBA is rigged.

    The Warriors r head and shoulder above every other team.

  10. Why do we try to act like the Clippers stand a chance against the Warriors, this the most lopsided "rivalry" in the league 😂

  11. NBA be livin the bandwagon life with all these warrior highlights instead of clippers highlights.

  12. "The lob,THE JAMM!!" is it just me or everytime someone dunks on the clippers,that commentator says the same line over and over again,but you have to admit,thats a very cathcy line,"THE LOB,THE JAMM!!"

  13. LeBum James

    -3.flop in games
    -2.whine to the refs
    -1.needs a playmaker in a weakass eastern conference
    0.hold his GM ransom
    1.tweets subliminal messages
    2.have his coach fired
    3.have his friends manage teammates and forces the owner to sign them for max $
    4.have Halloween parties and make cookies which is trolling the opposition players out and actually name them
    6.ditch teams when they're struggling and go to better situations
    7.whine when he doesn't win an award

    I can even go to negative infinity by describing this nigga who's called "best player in the world

  14. NBA needs to stop hyping up this matchup. Everyone knows the Warriors are about to drop a nice 50-piece-party-bucket from KFC right on the Clippers head.

  15. 73-9 let's go WARRIORS LETS GO, they gonna blow yall LA Clippers fans OOOUUUTTT

    73-9 can't wait we goin to da champian ship as soon as we get that 73-9!!!!!!!!!

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