Draymond Green -The Heartbeat Of The Golden State Warriors (2014-15 Highlights, HD)



29 thoughts on “Draymond Green -The Heartbeat Of The Golden State Warriors (2014-15 Highlights, HD)

  1. Out of all the players that have the number 23 he's the best one besides Michael Jordan of course

  2. When the Warriors are on defense, I always seem to be watching Draymond's hands, no matter where the ball is, his fingers are fanned out, almost hyperextended, and its like he's slowly hitting keys on a piano. He is such an amazing defender. Really hope Curry, Thompson, and Green stay together for a long time.

  3. Did the Base God get royalties for this unauthorized use of stir-the-pot? Maybe that's why the Rockets are sucking.

  4. I am not a GS fan at all I respect their work(Cavs will beat em this year if they get past the Spurs) but Draymond Greene is my fav player,and I was a PG…

  5. This is why you are my boy Green, keep talking shit and backing it up continue to make the haters mad, and most importantly keep that heart in you, i truly enjoy watching you and Curry!


  6. I really enjoyed your Draymond-swiss army knife video! ALways had to watch it at least once a day. You came back and made another great video sir!!! I like the story-telling aspect of radio interviews implemented with the highlights. Keep up the great work

  7. Great drafts and team building these past years. Compliments to the new Ownership they have BELIEF in their work ethic and let their managers do their jobs. Stephen, Klay, Draymond, Harrison, Festus  through draft & Bogut,Lee Igoudala,Livingston, Barbosa,Speights  through trades and free agency. One of NBA greatest teams ever,  playing perhaps the most beautiful team basketball EVER.

  8. got the source for Bob Myer's talking about Green in the beginning? I want to listen to that full interview.

  9. haha i love how he said fuck em all yeah Dray show them ur ring and fuck em all haters!

  10. I have watched this a thousand times today. Draymond Green is such a mirror to look into for so many people. Underdog, underrated, works tirelessly, has character. 

    DPOY next season.

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