Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 2 1st Half Highlights 2017 NBA Finals

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38 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 2 1st Half Highlights 2017 NBA Finals

  1. Y'all are some flip flopping​ motherfuckers. First y'all say Cavs gone sweep Golden State now everybody on the winning team. smh

  2. LeBron needs more help, so the Cavs will sign Carmello Anthony for the reminder of the playoffs πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  3. I don't care what any "Warrior fan" think. KD on the Warrior is a overkill for any team and the league. Curry and KD above 30 points each plus Klay has 20. I can't see anybody continuing to watch the NBA for the next couple of years if this team stays the same. They will run past any team in the league like they are nothing. Lebron is one of the GOATS but he can only do so much on his own. So Warrior fans stop acting like you guys are mighty. This is a matter of too many good players on one team and the league has to figure something out

  4. Top 10 reasons why The Warriors are winning this year

    1) Steph is 100%

    2) Durant is better than Lebron

    3) Tristan Thompson is overrated

    4) Klay finally found his shot

    5) The Warriors had alot of turnovers but still found a way to win by double digits

    6) Kevin Love is trash and will always gets shutdown by Draymond

    7) Lebron can't guard KD 1 on 1

    8) they're the better team and should've won last year if it wasn't for injuries

    9)Β  Once Lebron and Kyrie go to the bench it's over

    10) Steph 100% > Kyrie and Lebron

  5. I think Lue has too much neglect for his bench, especially Derrick Williams. He can play defense, score, and is big enough to make an impact. Send in the under-hyped guys who can play gritty, hustled defense.

  6. Gs fans be like Lebum is choking as usual 3-5
    Skip Bayless: The chosen one became the frozen on . Ray Allen Saved LeBron's legacy . Lebron scored 11 point in 2011.
    Cavs fans: * Quiet *
    Other fans: like me I don't care 😴😴😴 never want to see this finals again.

  7. Bruh puts the message saying that the channel with 180k is fake when he is the one with 180k subs. STOP FUCKING COPYING THE REAL XIMO PIERTO VIDEOS U FUCKIN ASSHOLE

  8. When Kevin Love takes the obvious charge and gets called for a block, it makes me wonder why an official who is one of the best in the world, would make that call.

  9. JR is the worst X Factor. When he gets hot the Cavs always win but that only happens once a blue moon. I'd rather have Shumpert who can at least defend if he isn't scoring.

  10. cavs fans :Kd a snake why switch teams he was perfect in okc curry is good but come on lebron is the best
    Gsw fans :Fuck lechoke James he is ugly KD is best Kyrie sucks we gonna sweep the cavs

  11. how you gonna say the channel with 180k subs is fake and the one with 6k subs is real at the beginning of the vid but you have 180k subs. That makes no sense

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