CHRISTMAS MIRACLE FROM IRVING| Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Highlights REACTION

UNCLE DREW TO THE RESCUE! | Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Highlights REACTION done by SwagFoulNation! Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Highlights | Dec 25, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

richard jefferson dunk on kevin durant
richard jefferson dunk on klay thompson

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36 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE FROM IRVING| Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Highlights REACTION

  1. If they didnt hae kyrie?…Omg if warriors didnt have kd. not to mention lebron had more points than curry..kyrie is just the clutch master im sorry

  2. Me: Hello, I would like to speak to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, or Draymond Green, please.
    Random person: Sorry, wrong number. Steph's # = 73-9, Thompson's # = 3-1, Green's # = 4-3
    Me: Bruh, I tried all of them but there was no ring…..

  3. Omg! I loved this game! It was so intense and was my first time going to a cavs game! It was a wonderful Christmas surprise from my aunt and uncle who love and support all of ohios teams! The day before this we went to the Cleveland browns game! It was legit!

  4. Congratulations forreal cavs on that win. I got doctrine excuse for Stephen Curry on this one. Durrant is running show apparently when hell no!! This staff spose to screen until Curry gets open to f____kin shoot the ball or Choose to pass to K.D . They actually took Stephen Curry out on a defensive play, stupid because even tho he lacks very Lil in defense everyone's underating Curry's dominance. If James would have lost last year Curry would be right now the best in the world. Matter of simple fact he was considered by multiple sports analysis as the best player they have ever witnessed to lace em up. Rustle Westbrook good but he will never touch Curry's impact on clutch s__t.

  5. Dope game. Irving is clutch, has the dubs number. Curry didn't show up, scared of Lebron. KD's team now ¯ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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  7. Obviously the trade for KD tanked the Warriors. But….NBA finals is a joke. It does NOT accurately prove who the best team is. East teams are easier to beat than the West. By the time a team beats out other Western teams, it is totally spent before facing a Eastern conference champion that is better rested. A true contest would be to take two teams with the best record and let them go at it, even if it means they are both Western teams. Had that taken place last year, we would be looking at another Warriors title. No way Cavs would have been in as good a shape as they were last year if they had to beat Blazers, Rockets and the tough Thunder in a row. Unfortunately this year may prove the same faulty result. It's like making a boxer beat out tougher opponents before pitting him against someone who had weaker opponents to beat out. Just unfair and I'm surprised this issue isn't being examined.

  8. Everyone always talk how curry don't guard the best player but Lebron didn't even guard durrant rj did

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